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The UniPiCase is a secure, feature-rich case made to the best design and fabrication standards. This is our own case design, and it is manufactured here in Canada!

This one is of many possible variations of this case. The UniPiCase ZW is incredibly configurable, and can fit almost any project. There are;

  • Regular, camera, and tall lids available
  • Alternate face-plates that close off the HDMI/USB ports
  • Customized face-plates that provide access to add-on boards such as audio or I/O Zero HATs
  • Custom lid branding opportunities available for volume orders

See the full collection of UniPiCase ZW’s and all the things they fit!

Tall Case Features

  • This Tall version accommodates a Pi Zero or Zero W board, with all ports accessible.
  • The additional case height provides room for add-on boards stacked on top of the Pi Zero/W.
  • A slot allows a ribbon cable or jumper wires to connect to the GPIO pins.
  • A wide base provides stability for the case when heavy HDMI cables are attached.
  • The entire case assembles without tools, but requires a small screwdriver or pen to remove it, securing the contents.
  • The lid can be removed for inspection without disconnecting any cables from the Pi or powering it down.
  • Ports for the Pi Zero/Zero W are labeled on the base to avoid confusion between the USB and PWR ports.
  • A camera cable slot on the underside of the case allows external cameras to be connected.
  • Low-profile silicon feet are included, to hold the case in place on hard surfaces.
  • The case can be wall mounted using two pre-marked invisible mounting holes at each end.


  • ABS injection molded plastic
  • 91 x 46.5 x 40 mm, 25.0 g [3.60 x 1.83 x 1.58 in, 0.88 oz]


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