PiShop.us is one of the largest distributors of Raspberry Pi products and accessories in North America. We work with schools, libraries, commercial projects and happily supply individual hobbyists and DIY-ers. Please see our contact details below for more information or to request a quote. We welcome volume quote requests.

We specialize in building complete Pi kits for various projects (from education to entertainment) with pre-loaded software and necessary accessories – including our Raspberry Pi starter kit, Raspberry Pi Budget Kit and one of our most popular – Raspberry Pi Media Center Kit.

We also offer a large selection of educational products and kits for tech development for various age groups.

We proudly call ourselves experts in installation and configuration of media centers and IPTV systems based on Raspberry Pi boards. Over a thousand Pi-based Media Centers have been built to offer our customers access to virtually unlimited online content and live TV channels.

Check a wide selection of our cool products!