Raspberry Pi 3B Ultimate Kit


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If this is your first Pi or meant to be gifted, please see our Raspberry Pi Kit – Quick Start Guide.

This kit is for those who want to explore the Raspberry Pi’s many GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) capabilities! Start with buttons and lights, and move onto home automation as your skills grow.

If you’re looking for step-by-step guidance on using the GPIO functions, check out our Raspberry Pi YouTube Workshop Kit, which is accompanied by a series of instructional videos hosted on YouTube. Add a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit to it, the YouTube Workshop Kit contains only the breadboard and components.

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3B
  • 32 GB Class 10 SanDisk MicroSD Card, blank
  • 5.25V 2.4A Micro USB Power Supply (UL Listed)
  • HighPi Raspberry Pi Case (Designed and made in Canada!)
  • High Quality 6ft HDMI Cable
  • Aluminum CPU and GPU Heatsinks
  • GPIO Interface Board with Ribbon Cable (T-Cobbler Plus)
  • Full-Size Breadboard (830 points)
  • 2 x RGB LED
  • 2 x Red LEDs
  • 2 x Green LEDs
  • 2 x Yellow LEDs
  • 2 x Blue LEDs
  • 2 x Push Button Switches
  • 10 x 220 Ohm Resistors
  • 10 x 10K Ohm Resistors
  • 30 x Male to Male Jumper Wires
  • 10 x Male to Female Jumper Wires
  • BuyaPi Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide


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