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This cute little dongle is perfect for making your Raspberry Pi cable-free by adding WiFi. Take advantage of the Raspberry Pi’s USB port to add a low cost, but high-reliability wireless link.  You’ll have wireless Internet in 10 minutes!


  • BCM43143 chipset
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • 150Mbps maximum throughput
  • Dimensions 30x16x8mm including USB plug
  • Built-in support in NOOBS and Raspbian


This is the official Raspberry Pi foundation version, for use with the most recent Raspberry Pi operating systems.  This module is also supported by Windows 10 IoT. We recommend it for people who plan to be using Windows 10 IoT on the Raspberry Pi or when you know for sure you are going to be using Raspbian with a current kernel and don’t need any kernel modifications because this chipset was only supported recently.

When using with a Raspberry Pi: The latest Raspbian distributions support this module out-of-the-box.  Check out this detailed tutorial for how to set up WiFi networking on the Pi If you have a model B you may find that you need to have a powered hub to use this adapter, so if you’re having power flakiness with your Pi, try a hub!


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