Raspberry Pi 3 B Starter Kit

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If this is your first Pi or meant to be gifted, please see our Raspberry Pi Kit – Quick Start Guide.

Our starter kits are ideal for those that:

  • Want to start using a Raspberry Pi
  • Are looking to play with and learn the Raspbian OS (Jessie)
  • Enjoy the simplicity of a kit that has everything they need


All you will need is to connect it to an HDMI capable monitor or a TV with HDMI cable (not included) and to your local network/Internet with a network cable(included).

Optionally, you might want to add some of these nifty products to your order:

  • USB microSD card reader: To re-image the microSD card from another computer.
  • WiFi Adapter: For when you want even better WiFi coverage and data transfer speeds
  • HDMI to VGA Adapter: Have a monitor with only VGA? No problem with this adapter
  • Mini Wireless Mouse & Keyboard: A compact and functional solution for commanding your Pi


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